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Although isn't as popular as white rice, the health benefit of brown rice is greater than that. Are you curious? Here the explanation summarizes for you.
Brown rice is rice produced without going through the milling process, only separated from its epidermis (husk) alone. This brown rice is whole grain, red in colour, chewier than white rice, has a flavour like beans, and usually stale quickly. Also, the price of red rice is also higher given the increasingly limited supply and difficult storage process. The health benefit of brown rice isn't doubted, some studies shown that brown rice is work for diet programme.
Although less popular with white rice, the benefits of brown rice for health is much greater. As mentioned above, brown rice has a lot of nutrients, ranging from fibre, fatty acids, magnesium, amino acids, and so on. So do not be surprised if this red rice is very useful for the health of the body. If you still doubt to begin consuming the brown rice, read this article entirely and find the best advantages of brown rice.

Find The Best Health Benefit of Brown Rice And Start to Consume

Brown Rice to Weight Loss

Brown rice is often used as a daily diet by dieters. Yes, indeed no doubt the efficacy of brown rice can help reduce the fat in the body. Brown rice contains complex carbohydrates which takes a long time to digestion. So that you will not quickly feel hungry.  Also, brown rice also has a low caloric content due to the high water and fibre in it. Low-calorie foods are usually easier to help you lose weight.

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

The next brown rice benefit is reducing the diabetes risk. This rice is a type of food that has a low glycemic index. In that sense, can control blood sugar in the body. Also, the content of antioxidants, vitamin A and B complex, as well as minerals in brown rice also helps prevent the risk of complications of diabetes mellitus.

Maintaining Healthy Bones and Teeth

Magnesium is a calcium counterpart, both of which play an important role in the process of bone formation. Well, as described above, brown rice contains magnesium and calcium, so it can be concluded that brown rice can help bone health and teeth, and prevent osteoporosis. Grab it fast for your breakfast or lunch.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Brown rice contains a natural Lovastatin compound known as Monacolin K which is useful for lowering bad cholesterol (HDL) and raising good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. Because of these benefits, it can be said that the brown rice is potentially minimized the risk of degenerative diseases (heart and blood vessels).

Prevent Constipation

According to one study, fibre content in brown rice is six times higher than white rice. This is undoubtedly very useful because fibre plays an important role to maintain digestive health, especially the intestines. Also, this content also expedites the excretion process, prevent the occurrence of constipation, and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The brown rice is not recommended to consume by pregnant women and liver patients because it can cause side effects of brown rice such as headaches, heartburn, and exhaust gas. These all the health benefit of brown rice. Be wise before consuming!

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