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Is tempeh bad for you? The answer is precise no. The health benefit of tempeh unknown all people. Whereas we are eating tempeh daily. 

Tempeh is a favourite food for the people of Indonesia. Because almost in all regions in Indonesia to know tempeh. The essential ingredients of tempeh are soybeans that have a rich content of nutrients, one of which is a source of vegetable protein. The processing of tempeh itself using fermentation, therefore tempeh has a good probiotic content for health in the digestive tract. Based on these, it shows that healthy benefit of tempeh is undoubtedly again. 
The tempeh benefit for health is so many. It's because of the substances that containing on tempeh also a lot. To get an optimal advantage from tempeh, you should know the right cooking them to avoid the loosening of substances. It's also important to choose fresh tempeh by smelling it. It's better after buying tempeh cooked immediately and don't store in the refrigerator for a long time. 

Get The Health Benefit of Tempeh For Your Long Living

Some people argue that tempeh is beneficial to lose the weight. Why? Because tempeh is a source of protein. It will make the stomach feel fuller after eating. For more explanation, here's some health benefit of tempeh. 

As a source of Protein

Make sure you always complete the daily menu of food by including tempeh as a compliment your dishes are beneficial to increase protein intake. Tempe contains high-quality protein and amino acids needed by the body. These proteins play a role in assisting in maintaining muscle tissue as well as making enzymes useful for cell needs.

Can Help in the Process of Body Metabolism

The content of Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3) in tempeh play an important role in the process of body metabolism. The tempeh benefit for skin comes from the riboflavin substance. Besides that, niacin content on tempeh is useful in helping control appetite.

Easy to Digest

Tempe has a rich content of fibre that plays a role in helping to digest the process of digestion and can prevent various types of chronic diseases. So, consuming tempeh daily will make you healthier and ready to face all day. 

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease and Cholesterol

The content of isoflavones plays a role in helping to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Also, the content of niacin and unsaturated fats function in helping to lower bad cholesterol at the same time can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Reducing the Diabetes Risk

For people with diabetes are also strongly recommended to consuming tempeh regularly because it can prevent the increase in blood sugar of a person with fibre and protein content in tempeh. Grab it for breakfast or lunch with boiling tempeh combined green leafy vegetables.

Fight Against Free Radicals in the Body

Tempeh contains antioxidant and antibacterial substances are good so that by eating tempeh can make the body counteract against free radicals. Besides that, tempeh also as antibacterial, it can prevent E-coli, prevent diarrhoea and cholera.

Thus all the health benefit of tempeh. The important point is we should balancing the food intake needs include carbohydrates, protein, mineral and vitamins. So, be wise when choosing the food in your life. 

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